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Dr, Dave Arnott

Dr. Dave Arnott

Dave Arnott, The Christian Economist, is a professor of Management who teaches Economics at Dallas Baptist University. He has authored four books on the topics of Leadership, Management, and Economics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington, and thoroughly enjoys teaching the next generations about economics.

He is an accomplished keynote speaker who has visited over 55 nations and led business study visits to many of those countries. He is as entertaining and winsome in the classroom as he is with a group of executives.

Speaking Topics

Christian Economics

Christian Economics is a very mis-understood subject that Dave has been called to speak about. Humility is required when we try to...

Conservative Economics

Dave clears up the current confusion over the meaning of conservative economics. In the powerful speech “Conservative Economics...

Management Seminars

Dave has spent over 200 days leading seminars on a multitude of leadership topics, from communications to teamwork, from problem-solving...

Keynote & Graduation

Dave has delivered numerous keynotes that can be customized for your group. His graduation speech is specifically targeted for...

Dr. Dave Arnott is a gifted and entertaining communicator... I appreciate his challenging sessions and conversations. Dave is a lifelong learner and shares his insights using creative and wide-ranging experiences. He is engaging, inspiring, intuitive, leading-edge, relevant, and thought-provoking. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend a session with Dave Arnott – you will leave thinking at a higher level.

Dave's Books

Economics & the Christian Worldview

Economics and the Christian Worldview explains how Christians view Economics through the lens of Creation, Fall, and Redemption. The purpose of the Christian business is to redeem the world back to God's creational intent. The book shows how...

Who MADE My Cheese?: A Parable About Persistent Production

This creatively humorous jab at organizational change teaches the real value of "staying put" through the lives of two Jerseys named Pers and Prod, who persistently produce milk that eventually becomes cheese. Their hapless barnmates are two...

The Leadership Quotient: 12 Dimensions for Measuring and Improving Leadership

Now, there is a formula for leadership, the LQ. Like the Intelligence Quotient and the Emotional Quotient that preceded it, The Leadership Quotient contains verifiable dimensions of leadership that are designed to improve every leader's...

Now Available

Biblical Economic Policy: Ten Scriptural Truths for Fiscal and Monetary Decision-making

Jesus was involved in the production and distribution of scarce furniture, so there must be Biblical views of economic issues like minimum wage, taxes, and income inequality. 

Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Organization

Argues that some companies are using cult-like tactics to make employees dedicate themselves to the company at the expense of private life and community.