Dr. Dave Arnott

Dr. Dave Arnott

Professor, Author, Speaker

Dave Arnott is a professor of Management who teaches Economics at Dallas Baptist University. He has authored four books on the topics of Leadership, Management and Economics. His Ph.D. is from the University of Texas at Arlington.

He is an accomplished keynote speaker who has visited over 55 nations and led business study visits to many of those countries. He is as entertaining and winsome in the classroom as he is with a group of executives. He has led more than 200 days of management seminars.

Dr. Dave is a retired marathoner who once rode his bicycle across the United States. “The Professor and Ginger” live on an 11-acre “ranchette” south of Dallas where they board horses and entertain their seven grandchildren.

Dr, Dave Arnott
cbfa award


Leni Holbrook of Ohio University presents the Christian Business Faculty Association best paper award to Sergiy Saydometov and Dave Arnott of Dallas Baptist University for their paper, "Ten Commandments of Economics."


Kind words from recent clients

"Dr. Arnott is a gifted speaker with a pulse on how to integrate Biblical truths in a turbulent environment. With years of experience as a professor and business executive, Arnott combines effective modern day parables with poetry to bring a fresh look to current topics. Take notes...you won’t regret hearing from this insightful global communicator."

— Dr. Larry Linamen
Vice President for Global Initiatives, California Baptist University

"Dr. Dave Arnott is a gifted and entertaining communicator. I have been blessed to have known Dave for over 25 years and appreciate his challenging sessions and conversations. Dave is a lifelong learner and shares his insights using creative and wide-ranging experiences. He is engaging, inspiring, intuitive, leading-edge, relevant, and thought-provoking. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend a session with Dave Arnott – you will leave thinking at a higher level."

— Larry W. Rottmeyer, Ph.D.
Business Builder and Marketing Strategist

"Here’s what you need to know about Dave: he has worthwhile things to say; he will hone this message to your audience; he holds the listeners’ attention and he brings his A game at the appropriate time."

— Ivan L. Filby, PhD FRSA

"In “Economics and the Christian Worldview”, Dave Arnott makes the dismal pursuit of economic certainty into a vivid and vibrant journey. As a writer and speaker, Dave’s knowledge and insight live in perfect harmony with an engaging and engrossing presentation style. Passionate and proficient, Dave provides fresh insight into the tremendous power that worldview plays, not just in the field of economics, but to the very core of our living reality."

— Leonard F. Favara, Ph.D.
President - Central Christian College of Kansas